How does it work?

1.By default, regular member is VIP 0

2.Regular member will be automatically get upgraded to next VIP level if the total deposit requirement has been fulfilled. The requirements for different currency may vary which shown in the table below.

3.Once our system has updated your VIP level, you may enjoy the benefits accordingly based on VIP level.

Upgrade VIP Level

When members' total deposit amount has accumulated to meet the requirements, they will be able to upgrade to related VIP level. Which mean VIP level can be promoted from VIP 0 to VIP 5 within a day if member fulfilled the corresponding VIP requirement

Upgrade Bonus

Upgrade bonus will be credited into member's wallet after the member reaches the VIP level. The Upgrade bonus for each level can only be obtained once per member. (Upgrade bonus can be withdrawn after x3 turnover)

VIP Level Maintenance Requirement

Members need to complete the current VIP level deposit with the Period Required to maintain their VIP level.

E.g., Upgrade from VIP0 to VIP1, you can enjoy our first month complementary benefits. To enjoy our special benefits permanently, cumulative deposit will be required as shown on the table above.

Downgrade VIP Level

If members unable to meet the required deposit with the Period required. VIP Level will be downgraded automatically with the rebate rate and promotion.

Return to Previous Level

Once member met required deposit maintain amount will automatically back to previous Level with rebate rate and promotion.

Birthday Bonus

The Birthday Bonus can only be redeemed once a year corresponds to the VIP Level and meet Total Deposit Required of the Month (for more detail please refer to the Promotion Page). Members are required to register for at least 3 months and must send a copy of their username and ID card to [email protected] for verification. (Birthday bonus can be withdrawn after Three (3) times Turnover)

Weekly VIP Cash Rebates

The Weekly VIP cash rebate will be calculated based on the valid bets made by members and will be release on every Monday. (Weekly VIP Cash Rebates can be withdrawn after x1 turnover)

VIP Weekly Loyalty Bonus

Members who have accumulated the valid turnover requirements corresponding to the members' VIP level (subject to the VIP level at 23:59 on Sunday) within the previous week (0:00 on Monday to 23:59:59 on Sunday) will be eligible to receive the Weekly Loyalty Bonus and release on every Monday. (Weekly Angpow can be withdrawn after x5 turnover)

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