Horse betting is offered by more and more racebooks, but to a very different extent. Some racebooks also offer best odds or best starting prices, which ensure the best odds at the start of the race, an advantage that should not be disregarded.

With the advent of online betting, horse racing has come into its own and it is now possible to place a horse racing betting both quickly and efficiently and at the very best possible odds.

RCB988 is the best horse racing betting venue in Malaysia and Singapore. It allows bettors to wager on thoroughbred and harness racing from around the world.

Here at RCB988 you can bet on current races around the clock, this can be stated without exaggeration. While the racing events from Europe naturally dominate during the day, the evening and night are dominated by the USA until the morning hours with Australia and in the morning with Hong Kong.

You can view a full schedule of the upcoming live betting events at any time, and the exemplary functionality on the racesbook means you that the service is reliable if you want to place quick live betting.

RCB988 have tons of information about upcoming horse racing events. You can view the latest odds, dates and times of races, and crucially which race horses are entered.

In principle, RCB988 allows betting on everything that is also available on the respective racetrack, the range of the different types of betting markets therefore varies considerably depending on the country, racetrack and, in some cases, also on the importance of the racing event.

Let’s take look at the top 3 types of horse betting most bettors make at RCB988:

Win: A horse racing win bet means exactly that; you place a bet on the horse you think will win the race. This is probably the most simple and straightforward type of horse racing betting that you can place, you are picking the horse you think will win.

Place: A wager that your horse comes first or second. You have an increased chance of a payout compared to a Win bet, but the price will be shorter.

Show: A wager that third horse to cross the finish line shows. You collect only if your selection finishes first, second or third.

The site is very easy to use on desktop or mobile. When entering the site on your computer, you will be greeted with the most popular upcoming markets, as well as live events taking place which you can bet on.

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