Founded in 1999, Playtech (PT) has gained immense popularity due to the high quality of the products created, the variety of subjects and themes, the excellent design and effective functionally. PT offers a whole system of progressive jackpots. One of the special advantages of this company is the presence of unique accumulative jackpots. It has a really big influence in the online gaming market, providing some of the best games in the industry.

PT offers about 40 games with a cumulative jackpot including:

Marvel Jackpots

The video slot is made according to the comics of the famous Marvel film studio, which produces fascinating comics. PT has released a whole series of new slot machines in which casino customers, participating in a special prize round, go in search of symbols for jackpots will only collect three identical chips to win a hundred or even three hundred thousand US dollars.

Everybody’s Jackpots

Cumulative jackpots are waiting for players in this video slot from PT. The fact is that there are often big winnings here - experts say that the jackpot gets to someone once every 10 days.

Jackpot Darts

Everyone who remembers the famous darts game will have great fun, spending time on the Jackpot Darts video slot – the game is equipped with a cumulative jackpot. You just need to hit three darts in the marked fields to win it.

However, do not flatter yourself – your skill here doesn’t play any role, and you will owe the winnings to the same system of random numbers falling out.

PT charm not only swept the Europe market, it has also successfully entered China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Singapore, and other markets.

PT is committed to innovation and development, not only in a large number of innovative games known. It is worth mentioning that they designed for the actual needs if the game IMS (Information Management Solution) system as a strong gaming network running strong backing. Through the IMS, players use the same account login, you can freely play in different games and platforms.

So play now PT Jackpots and start to make some real money. Try your skill and win big no matter your experience. Anytime, anywhere!

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