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Considering how simple it is to start up an online sports betting site, many sports betting companies are now entering this lucrative business.

On the other hand, some of them are doubtful. In order to scam individuals of their money, some even pretend to be an authentic online sportsbooks.

Make sure you do your homework and research a website before making any deposits if you plan to place any sports bets in an online sports betting company.

WBET Sportsbook is one of the most reputable online sportsbooks in Asia which was originally known as WinningFT Sportsbook. This gambling company offers more than just sports betting but live casino and online slot games as well.

To put it simply, WBET allows betting on all sports, from the best known to the less publicised. In all, the operator’s catalog includes more than 90 sports, ranging from football to rugby, via basketball and tennis, not to mention cycling, boxing or water polo. The sports gambling section also has sports specific guides and ratings for all in season sports gambling.

On the other hand, for each sport, WBET allows you to bet on many competitions depending on the country and the leagues. For football for example, more than 30 leagues are covered by WBET.

One of the main aspects that bettors look for on sites is the number of markets and the quality of the odds. While bettors want to make money on their wagers, it is important that the sports betting company provides competitive and fair odds. After all, they represent the financial potential of online betting.

Here at WBET, the betting odds are pretty good all across the board, and there’s a live cashout feature with reduced odds that you can take advantage of if you ever feel like your last pick is going to slip.

Betting on eSports may look a little different from traditional sports betting, but once you get used to it, you’ll realise that betting on eSports is just like betting on soccer, basketball, or horse racing.

The good news is that even WBET Sportsbooks has already decided to join the eSports scene as it provides a vast platform for players to place a bet on Electronic Sports games. This kind of sites could offer you a mesmerising experience, one that you certainly would not regret.

Asian players prefer mobile betting, which is why we discarded any platform not optimised for iOS and Android devices. WBET utilises the latest SSL encryption for maximum safety; load times are above average, and every section of the site is easy to reach in no more than a few clicks.

If you are keen to place a bet on sporting events or eSports, a bonus code is often a welcome little treat to get you started. WBET are providing their customers with an exclusive welcome offer for new sign-ups.

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